01 July 2009

Totally Burned from Fishing !


Totally burned from yesterdays fishing trip! 
It was a Pay pond just 5 minutes away from my house that the 2 guys ( my boyfriend Leon & dad ) go every now and then and i tag along.
I don't mind going as long as it does not take more than 3 hrs, that's all i can take. The automatic clock in me starts to tick away as it reaches the 3 hr mark and i start to get all fidgety and remind them that i am hungry and soon i'll be "hangry" ( angry because your hungry :) ).
Don't get me wrong......i like fishing with them but yesterday was too hot .
I caught a fish a couple of days ago...actually it was just my fishing rod, Leon reeled it in for me:)p Still it was my fishing rod and it was exciting !

So yeah...i got burned from the sun yesterday cause smarty pants decided to go in the afternoon when it was freaking hot. We were in the shade but I learned that I got a tanned from the reflection of the bloody water.

" Wow... you went for a holiday, NO....i went to a fishing pond !!! "

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