30 September 2009

Wednesday Fancy!

Image 1,2 & 3 via here & 4 here

Don't you fancy this lovely chair and this gorgeous feathers .

26 September 2009

Just Pink.

Spring 2010 Ready-To-Wear

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Don't you just love Pink !

Here's to a Lovely weekend.

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Here's to a lovely weekend filled with laughter, fun 
and lot's of colours.
Have a Blast !!

25 September 2009

Fabulous Friday

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How true !

23 September 2009

Chic Interior Designer.

I love the style of Kishani Perera (via Peacock Feathers), 
who is a founder & Lead designer for Fuse ID. 
She is a known for creating beautiful interiors for clients 
such as Molly Sims and Kate Bosworth to name a few. 
I love what she did for Molly Sims ! 
Wished I could have her house.

20 September 2009

Bored As Hell !

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So..it's the festival holiday here till Tuesday and 
I'm all alone at home, nothing much to do 
except eat and watch the entire 1st season of 
Gossip Girl ( finally got to it). 
Leon has to work and .... it happens when 
your in the hospitality line... 
nothing new but..... 
yeah it's one of those days when 
you don't know what to do :)

18 September 2009

Happy Friday !

Image 1 & 5 via here, 2 & 4 via here 

Happy Friday!
A beginning to a lovely weekend.


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