26 July 2009


Image via Decor Pad

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday !

25 July 2009


So...  I was at RealLiving Magazine website and I stumble across the What's Your Style Personality Quiz and I tried it. It was pretty interesting..... all you had to do was drag the pictures you think is your style and drop in on the board next to it. Get your results and pick which image you would like to save it as...Style Personality or Magazine Cover. 
My result was New York Loft :) Hmmm....
Give it a try !

23 July 2009


Image from Martha Stewart Weddings

I love these colors together. My favorite ... Black & Pink.
Aren't they pretty :)

21 July 2009


The view of my balcony

Yay.... it's raining outside and it's about time. 
I love the rain !
The haze has been bad the last couple of weeks and the rain is such a welcome treat :)

I am gonna laze around today and enjoy the lovely weather!

16 July 2009


I'm so in love with Carolyn Quatermaine's fabrics !
I would love to have a French Provincial chair covered with her fabric.....the Script Collection perhaps :)

14 July 2009


Photos : Vogue Living Australia

Carolyn Quartermaine ...... Designer of the year 2008. "
Love her work !!


Leon & I had a blast last week. 
It was his birthday and i had some pretty nice surprises for him ;)
We had time to chill out... Go fishing... and just enjoy time with each other .... it has been awhile since we just chilled and did whatever we wanted the whole day since he started work at the new Hotel. 
So for his birthday I gave him a couple of stuff including some books on cooking. He's been looking around for some books on Anthony Bourdain and so I got him one called .... My Last Supper......

and a pretty looking Gourmet book by Tessa Kiros.

oohh... but towards the end of the week, *sigh* I caught the flu ! damnit. 

I am still not feeling well... but baby..... I'll make it up to you ! xoxo

 " To Love Is To Receive A Glimpse Of Heaven " - Karen Sunde
Here's to many more Birthdays with you baby !

12 July 2009


Yay...... I have my internet back !! I have lost contact for a couple of days now and it is so good to be  back !
I'm off to Church now.... and later Brunch.
Have a Fabulous morning.....
tata ...

07 July 2009


Happy Birthday my Love...... so today is his birthday and he did get his leave approved... not   the amount of days he wanted but at least he has some days off to spend with me. 
The holiday trip was cancelled but we did make a trip down to Sepang for fishing. It was  an adventures drive and it took us 2 hrs to get there and it was a nice place.....by the seaside.. and the breeze was lovely.We spent the whole day there.... and OMG did we get Burned !! We look like lobsters now.. lol.
This morning i made him a lovely breakfast and now I'm gonna spent the rest of the lovely day with him ... so please do excuse me....taa da

" Birthdays are filled with yesterday's memories, today's joys and tomorrow's dreams. "


05 July 2009

Another Beautiful Sunday Morning.

Here's to a beautiful Sunday morning to all.... Have a sweet one !

04 July 2009

Morning ....

There's lot's to do today before we go on our holiday tomorrow....... if we do go. All this depends if my Mister do get his leave approved. We will find out later today. Talk about last minute !! Can't they just let us know already !! 
You see he works as a Consultant Chef at a Hotel and they need to make sure there's no last minute function and that the owners won't be having any dinners there for the next couple of days. 
We need the holiday !

03 July 2009

I Got Someone Something...

I got a gift for My Mister today who's birthday is coming up real soon and I'm waiting for the gifts I ordered from Canada for him and yes.... not forgetting something for myself too. I hope it does arrive before we go on holiday for his birthday. I need THAT bikini :))

Here's To A Beautiful Friday Morning..


02 July 2009

My Old Studio.

I'm inspired to do up my new apartment which i've been staying for the last 3 months with my boyfriend, especially my studio.
I can't wait to get started :) Here is a picture of my old studio before moving out.

01 July 2009

My Dad Fishing.

Totally Burned from Fishing !


Totally burned from yesterdays fishing trip! 
It was a Pay pond just 5 minutes away from my house that the 2 guys ( my boyfriend Leon & dad ) go every now and then and i tag along.
I don't mind going as long as it does not take more than 3 hrs, that's all i can take. The automatic clock in me starts to tick away as it reaches the 3 hr mark and i start to get all fidgety and remind them that i am hungry and soon i'll be "hangry" ( angry because your hungry :) ).
Don't get me wrong......i like fishing with them but yesterday was too hot .
I caught a fish a couple of days ago...actually it was just my fishing rod, Leon reeled it in for me:)p Still it was my fishing rod and it was exciting !

So yeah...i got burned from the sun yesterday cause smarty pants decided to go in the afternoon when it was freaking hot. We were in the shade but I learned that I got a tanned from the reflection of the bloody water.

" Wow... you went for a holiday, NO....i went to a fishing pond !!! "


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