14 July 2009


Leon & I had a blast last week. 
It was his birthday and i had some pretty nice surprises for him ;)
We had time to chill out... Go fishing... and just enjoy time with each other .... it has been awhile since we just chilled and did whatever we wanted the whole day since he started work at the new Hotel. 
So for his birthday I gave him a couple of stuff including some books on cooking. He's been looking around for some books on Anthony Bourdain and so I got him one called .... My Last Supper......

and a pretty looking Gourmet book by Tessa Kiros.

oohh... but towards the end of the week, *sigh* I caught the flu ! damnit. 

I am still not feeling well... but baby..... I'll make it up to you ! xoxo

 " To Love Is To Receive A Glimpse Of Heaven " - Karen Sunde
Here's to many more Birthdays with you baby !

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  1. Haha, my boyfriend's wanted that book forever! Your guy is lucky :)




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