01 September 2009

I am Loved !

Image via FFFFOUND

I am so blessed to be so in love with my truly amazing boyfriend. 
It's almost a year now we've been together and 
I hope it will last a life time. 
It took us 15 years to find true love in each other after being apart and  
I'm glad we found each other again !!


  1. Congratulations! Beautiful story! x

  2. great story! i don't mean to pry but were you together 15 yrs ago and then broke up...and now you're back together? how amazing!

    such romantic photos! x

  3. Thanks Kellie & Elizabeth for your lovely comment :)

    It's a long story but here's the shorter version..... we met 15 years ago, both were seeing other people at that time so we left it at that...lost contact and during that time apart he got married had 2 kids....i got married too and after 10 years of marriage i got divorce recently and looked him up on facebook and there he was divorced too and we communicated true emails and phone for about a year as we were living 5 hours away from each other..and on my birthday last year in october we met up and the here we are today almost a year.
    ok...that was long ! hahhaha...

    have a good one girls :)




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